I have decided that I want to build awesome web apps

I have been always was interested in programming. While I was studying at High School in Russia I was decided that I want to build awesome applications that can be useful for others. It is interesting for me to work on challenging tasks. For example, while I was studying at University I found a client who asked me to create an app that could find the optimal cut of wood-made panels which was a great challenge. 

Another great challenge was to build a website that could find optimal routes between two cities based on distances between the cities' database. That challenge was solved and successfully worked even before the google maps routing service has released in Russia.

During the time I worked with a lot of various different companies from small ones to very big ones. Although I'm not very sociable, I easily find a common language with others, I easily get along with employees in a team. 

I had opportunities to work on projects that become very successful, such as e-commerce solutions, high-loaded projects, complex web applications. When I'm facing challenges, to something I'm not familiar with I'm always trying to find a way how to solve it. All of These things helped me to gain experience in various technologies from the server environment and scripts to cloud services and javascript frameworks and SEO.

I still stick to my decision I've made that I want to build awesome apps that can be useful to others. Currently, to reach this goal I love to use technologies such as PHP Laravel, MySql, ReactJS, ReactNative, Cloud Services such as AWS. Using all of this it is possible to achieve any and even ambitious ideas if you would. 

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