I want to build awesome websites even for free. Let me explain why


Thank you for open this post! It looks like you are looking for talented web developer who can improve your project and who can help you with SEO promotion or build new website from scratch, right?

My recent Web Development experience

I am a Full Stack Web developer from Russia last few years based in Federal Way, WA and I have more than 15 years of experience in the web development field. Web development is what I really love and now I am looking for new interesting projects to challenge. My previous project I worked on was awesome - socialrugrats.com. It is like a social media for parents and families. I enjoyed while build social groups and business functionality using AngularJS, NodeJs and MongoDB technologies for this project. In fact it also enjoyable for me to work on project with this kind of values - to get parents and children outside from their devices.

The example of websites that I built for free

Other interesting project my own project is sferika.ru. My hobby is photography and panoramic photos - something like Google Street View - 360 VR tours. That is why I builded this project for photographers that helps them to share their 360 photos and make such incredible spaces and tours. To build this project I have to learn about new Front End technologies such as krpano for Virtual Tours. Other interesting challenge is how to set up server side software to make possible conversation photographers images into the 360 spheres on to show these on the website. So challenges with new technologies is not a problem and I believe it will help with your project as well.

How I learned about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I know that the business owner usually concern about how to raise their project in the google search results. Sometimes it too expensive when you do advertisement for your project using Google Ads, Facebook and stuff like that. There are a few ways to improve your website appearance in Google search results without wasting money for ads. For example there is a one project I have built from scratch - ve7.ru - routing service that makes able for you to find a route and see the distance and duration on that route. In a 2016 this website has about 25,000 visitors a day! So this project helped me to learn more about how to improve website position in the search engine results, improve performance and setup a web server and database for high load website. I hope my experience can help with your project too.

I still work on a voluntary basis on some projects

I am very enjoying work on such awesome websites and projects. At this moment I voluntarily working and maintaining some projects that I like as a hobby. I also work for some clients as Full Stack Web Developer at Grinev Software because I have to care about my family and pay the bills. I really want work on awesome project voluntarily even if that is not to easy at this time when I have paid-up projects. Any way if you have an awesome idea or you would like to improve your existing website or create new one please feel free to write me a few words about your project. Do you have any questions about how to improve your website to get higher positions in the search engine results? I saw a huge amount of websites and their pros and cons so I can look at your project and I will try to write a few advies how you can improve your project to make it better for search engines.

It is very good to talk with you and I am very appreciated your attention to my post. Thank you for that. I hope we will continue our conversation soon.



Roman Grinev
Web Developer at Grinev Software
(323) 348-9688
Federal Way, WA


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