3 steps to make your an amazing website

Step 1. What problem should your website solve?

Think about the main task that you want to solve with a website. Let's discuss your requirements to your website and your desired results from it? At this stage, I am preparing the technical requirements and agreement on the development of the website.

Terms of reference

Step 2. A design concept

I am making individual website design concepts using modern tools like Balsamiq Mockups, SketchApp, UXPin, Axure RP or other. By using this tools it allows you to focus on your site content rather than specific implementation and appearance.

At this point, it becomes clear how the site pages will look like and how items will be located on the page.

For example:

Step 3. Creating a website to succeed

I do everything for you including SEO optimization of your website.

But creating a website is the only beginning. To succeed you should love your website and care of it. Only in that very case, your website starts to grow and become bigger and bigger and you become happier and happier. 

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Contact me

I am here to answer any questions you may have about how to create a website that succeeds. Contacts me.

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