Basic e-commerce functionality with Stripe

A simple online payments functionality setup: 1) add to cart, 2) checkout, 3) discounts, 4) look at the Stripe side. Technologies we used: Stripe, ReactJs, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Git, Bitbucket, Sublime3, Gulp

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Looking closer to the Laravel and OctoberCMS software for website

Looking closer at the software used here in the United States to create websites such as Laravel and OctoberCMS.

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Continue working on website

Continue working on website the new version of New profile, reputation - rating, new map, new tags feature.

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I want to build awesome websites even for free. Let me explain why

Thank you for open this post! It looks like you are looking for talented web developer who can improve your project and who can help you with SEO promotion or build new website from scratch, right?

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Web development process | short version

Learn how web development process going. This is small cutting of the one page of the website development process one of our programmers.

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How much does it cost to build a website in 2019?

How to create a website? Step-by-step instructions. Pros and cons of the different ways of a website creation. How much does it cost for you to build a website in 2019? Let's break it down in more detail.

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3 steps to make your an amazing website

I do everything for you so that you can easily work with your website. But creating a website is the only beginning. To succeed you should love your website and care of it. Only in that very case, your website starts to grow and become bigger and bigger and you become happier and happier.

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